Kay Schwabedal

METRO Managing Director of Hospitality Digital

"A digital strategy helps as much as an electrical strategy helped when steam locomotives became obsolescent. You simply need a business strategy for the digital age."

Harvard Business School graduate Kay Schwabedal has enjoyed a front row seat to the digitalization of some of the world’s largest companies as a former COO at E-PLUS, COO at Vodafone Arcor and CEO at Computacenter AG as well as through roles at McKinsey & Company and Procter & Gamble. His expertise in IT, telecommunication, FMCG and consulting has brought him to lead the digital Hospitality innovation practice at METRO AG's, Hospitality Digital, one of the world’s largest retailers and a company which is passionate about meeting the challenge of the digital era head on. He is also an avid investor and mentor in a series of emerging technology companies.