Hans Demmel

Managing Director of n-tv

Digitalization provides great opportunities for news providers. It’s crucial to fill new, relevant platforms with tailor-made content at the earliest possible moment.

Hans Demmel has acted as Managing Director of n-tv since 2007. Demmel began his career as a print journalist before switching to television at the end of the ‘70s. He has worked in various positions for the media group RTL since 1994. Over the last ten years, Demmel has developed n-tv into a multimedia news provider. The coverage of n-tv is characterized by a high quantity of live footage and breaking news. As a modern news company, n-tv provides its content via a number of different platforms and across all forms of media. N-tv viewers are constantly well informed no matter where they are via TV, online, smartphones, car entertainment systems or on Amazon Echo.. With up to 145.9 million visits monthly or 12.76 million unique users older than ten years, n-tv regularly ranks in one of the top spots in the digital rankings.