Write digital history!

The digital revolution is challenging traditional companies. Myriads of collected data points, disruptive technology and ever-changing customer needs create bold new opportunities — but how can they be harnessed? Join McKinsey and the six corporate partners to prove you’re a Digital Shaper. Make history by innovating their digital future in our challenge.

Who we're looking for

We don’t care about fancy names on your resume or perfect grades. We want candidates who excel in their field. Show us your skills and solve our challenges in a 100% skills-based online assessment.

We’ll invite the strongest applicants to a selection day, because we don’t just want digital geniuses, but people who are sheer dynamite when working together in a team.

Applications have been closed on December 10th 2017.

The challenge

The 30 finalists will form teams, each of which will solve a real-life challenge from one of our partners. Over the course of two different workshop weekends, experts and mentors from McKinsey and the six corporate partners will guide you through the nuts and bolts of designing a digital business model.

Seminar weekend #1 (Berlin, Feb. 2 – 4 2018)

Workshops during the workshop weekend #1

Get started on your team’s challenge with the help of our partners’ digital specialists who will cover everything you need to get started: team building, the joys of the lean startup approach, design thinking and ideation techniques.

These are the locations:

  1. McKinsey’s Experience Center
  2. SAP Innovation Center Network (ICN)

Seminar weekend #2 (Munich and Oberkochen, Mar. 2 – 4 2018)

Workshops during the workshop weekend II

This workshop will set aside time for “fireside talks” as well as sessions where participants will learn about rapid prototyping, testing and scaling digital business models.

These are the locations:

  1. Airbus Germany Headquarters, München
  2. ZEISS Corporate Headquarters, Oberkochen

Moment of truth

Think your idea is legendary? At the end of the challenge, your team will get the opportunity to present your digital innovation to our jury. That’s the 12 board members and digital leaders of the partners. And if you win? Money, mentoring and media attention could all be yours. No big deal ;)

The finale show will be held on April 27th at Bertelsmann Repräsentanz in Berlin.