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Business Visionaries

We’re not looking for fancy degrees or perfect grades, just passionate entrepreneurs who excel in a digital environment. Ideally, you’ve already proved you have a clear vision and a near-endless supply of business ideas concerning digital innovation and you’ve shown you can execute those ideas too, having launched digital startups or projects before. If you’re looking to change the world through your ideas or if you see a lot more opportunities than problems when it comes to digital innovation, then you’re exactly who we’re looking for. We look forward to hearing from you!

Data Analysts

Data doesn’t intimidate you — it delights you. You’re excited to derive insights from vast amounts of data, no matter whether you’re analyzing why customers churn, figuring out how to group customers into market segments or producing basic data visualizations. You’re the equivalent of the one person in the room who can figure out that magic eye book — you identify patterns that are invisible to other people. Is this you? Show us what you’ve got and if you’re the data rockstar you say you are, we’ll be excited to offer you a place as a digital shaper.

User Experience Designer

Do you live and breathe customer experience? If your obsession is figuring out the perfect customer experience, if you get excited by Zappos having revolutionized customer satisfaction or inspired by the easy multichannel experience of Dropbox, then you may have what it takes to join our digital shapers program as a customer experience specialist. Wanted: energy, passion and perfectionism when it comes to taking a customer from having a satisfactory experience to one they’ll rave about to friends, family and even the person next in line to them at the supermarket. Is this you? Apply now.


Can you code better than you can write? Are you more about algorithms than you are about binary thinking? Have you already started taking home a paycheck thanks to your programming smarts? Sounds good to us — you could be just the programmer we’re looking for to take part in our digital shapers program. We’re more interested in you being able to crack our coding challenge on HackerRank than we are in the fancy names on your resume. So give it a go. We can’t wait to see the results.